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Easy ways to Secure your Website from Hacking

Keep your website safe from hackers is paramount. The Internet is, at best, a very insecure way to exchange information. Even small business owners also need it as hackers use an automated tool to hack the website which doesn’t filter small and large business hence include both, here are the simple ways to keep it secure.

1. Keep your software and web Platform Updated

Many software’s gives you automatic update option which is a plus point, so take several minutes check out the updates and install them as they recommend it.

2. Avoid Emailing

Mailing the password and username is the very insecure way of sending such an information, so avoid it sending emails.

3. HTTP Gives Security

In a survey it has found that a website having SSL certificate in order to implement HTTPS is more secure as it encrypts the traffic and secures your website from being hacked.

4. Long And Strong Password

Make your password long and strong instead of making it complex. It has found that a password like – “H7&*T$@” can be hacked faster than a password like – “Iamtheownerofthisbusiness”.

So Keep It Secure Before Being Hacked!

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