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HistoryMiami plans to build Largest museum

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As part of the county’s MetroCenter design plan, HistoryMiami Museum is presently engaged in the planning stages to produce a world- class gallery.

“ HistoryMiami Museum is a part of this RFP and we’re thankful that the county recognizes the gallery as a critical artistic institution that will enrich the development, ” said Michael Knoll, the gallery’s vice chairman, strategic enterprise and elderly watchman. “ We’re looking forward to continuing to unite with the county on this work. ”

When finished, the gallery would grow 50 larger than its current position at 101 W Flagler St. The MetroCenter design is targeted to be a 24- hour community with casing, an intermodal conveyance outstation, educational structures, premises and new artistic installations. The whole proposed design could take up to 15 times.

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