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How Negative Keywords are helpful?

Negativity always a bad part of any business but when talking about SEO and SEM, negative keywords comes in handy.

If you are a seller of clothes especially a cotton one then you could end up in the search results of users looking for saree, dress and etc. And if you are paying to search engine marketing campaign then it is wasted.

So you can eliminate the word make it a negative keyword in your SEM campaign. Like if your focusing keyword is cotton then make “cotton organic clothing”, “baby clothes cotton”, “white cotton clothing” in which organic, baby and white are negative keywords.

Here are the reasons why negative keywords are worth using

1. It increases your return on investment
2. You’ll avoid targeting the wrong audience (Saree, dress material etc)
3. You won’t paying to those who can’t drive your sales and leads.

So, negative is always not a negative one! Making use of little negative keywords can make smile on your face with no wastage of your cash and clicks.

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