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How to Improve Your SEO in 3 Simple Steps for Small Business

Every customer takes an essential step before he hire’s you for his small business. Firstly they have to find you and that too with the help of a computer, laptop, iPad, mobile phones and etc. So, for you its most important to be on top in search engine ranking.

But here is a bitter truth also that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long-term strategy which takes months to pay off. But there are also some ways to boost your small business search rankings.

1. Use the Keywords
Ok, so the question is what type keywords I am talking about? when customers search for your business what type of words and sentence they use?. These words called keywords and are specific when you choose them, use the location where you do business and use those keywords in your website, social media posts, and content you post on any platform.

2. Feedbacks from Customers
In a survey it has found that 90% of customers says that online reviews influence their buying behavior. Also, it influences search engine as it marks your website as a good one getting reviews. So go and ask you’re happy customers to give you reviews and make sure you will calm when giving replies to negative feedbacks.

3. Your Social Platforms
If your tweets are not getting likes and retweet then it’s completely fine, it may possible that customers are not reading your tweets but the Google is reading it for sure. An active presence in all the social media accounts like facebook, google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc gives signals to search engines that you are actual business and trusted one too.

Be calm and active, make sure you follow all these 3 tips for your business for the betterment and if you have still not done with listing your business, list now for free at YoureStatus.com

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