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Mistakes Which Small Businesses Should Avoid With Online Reviews

Mistakes which Small Businesses should avoid with Online Reviews

Small business owners know how important is mouth marketing and if it’s not done correctly then it will affect your business badly. In a survey it has found that 80% people clients trust online reviews and at the same time 90% clients say they read online reviews.

Here I have listed top mistakes which business owners do and how to avoid them:

1. No tracking of Reviews
There is no use of reviews if you are not able to track it, try to make tracking system like Google alerts and you will be updated by the customer’s review towards your product.

2. not asking for reviews
So you have no review. Make sure you tell your customers politely to go online and review your product once you are done with the services, completely OK if you have a printed card or email service for them but online review still matters a lot.

3. No response to reviews
Now this will affect your business a lot, you should be active all the time if some have asked or comment on something, always be thankful to clients for review and apologize to negative reviews with solutions because replying to them shows that you care about them and they are equally valuable to you. It will also encourage new customers to buy your products after seeing this.

4. No solution of bad review
Whenever there is a negative review add your contact details with that and that should be a direct contact number, not a linked one. And yes its always better to solve the problem offline instead of online long trail comments. If the issue is small then its fine as if someone having the same problem then its issue will be cleared at that particular time.

5. Posting negative comments
No matter how much negative or bad a review is polite when you reply to it. Don’t get engage into a public platform because it will make your business impression bad. Instead of that do more focus on resolving the issues. So whenever you come with a solution your customer get calmed by it.

“Stay focused and Stay Updated with your customers” and you will Get success and don’t forget to list your business at YoureStatus.com

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