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Reasons Why There is a Need of Verifying Your Business Listings

Focusing more on locals is important than ever, compare yourself how much sales you get from out of the state and how much sales you get from near to home. You will know the difference clearly that reaching to your nearby clients is more important, there’s an easy way to improve your visibility: online business listings.

Your customers are using cell phones, tablets and laptops to find their nearby businesses and most of those searches of businesses will display who have listed on Yelp, Google places, and Bing sites. So if you have not listed then your business won’t be displayed.

Here I have listed the reasons why you need your business to be verified on the top business listing website:

Rankings Get Improved
Yes, they improve your business search ranking on search engines so do listing at Yourestatus.com, Yelp, YP.com, and MapQuest.

Search Preference

Google, Bing and Yahoo are also a business. So adding your business on their listing services can help you to get more prominent placements on their search pages and maps .
Let’s take an example – If you have listed the business on Google my business then automatically it will show your company on Google maps, Google+ and Google search.

Mobile Ranking

People use their cell phones most of the time, mostly when they are traveling. Hence verifying your business on yelp and MapQuest will make you visible through all mobile apps.


Always add the correct information when you list your business on websites with proper open and closing time and contact information, this will build a trust between a customer and you and they will not get frustrated while coming through your profile.

Budget Matters

They are paid and free both the sites for business listing and yourestatus.com is one of them, they will help you to update and claim your business for free. So if you are a startup then this will be adding as an advantage for you and the best way to do online marketing for your business.

What are you waiting for? Visit YoureStatus.com today to list your business for free.

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