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The Big Don’t s of Facebook for Any Business

Facebook is a big and important platform for any business. Some tricky heading or content lines which you will never understand and posting those on Facebook will make your customers or viewers confused, frustrated and also cause to trust you less. Instead of teasing them you should provide a valuable, real and easy content which they can understand easily and add some values to them.

As per research, it is found that “providing perfect Facebook post is better than a lengthy one”. The content you post on Facebook should be of maximum 40 characters an ideal length not more than that because providing a lengthy content will reduce the viewer’s interest so you can redirect them to your website or page.

Once your customers get irritated it will give harm to you only so you have to very careful on that part. But make sure about what you are delivering from your headlines and for that here are some don’t s of Facebook:

· You won’t believe..

· You can’t or won’t imagine..

· You will never guess..

· You will only understand if..

· This video will make you cry..

· And any question which gives only “one-word” answer.

Making things easier for the customer will make them happy and use of redirecting them to the website will not only give you the engagement but also the actually interested customers.

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