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Tips to Get More Customers With Google’s Latest Local Search Ads

The recent changes to Google’s Adwords products are made to make the search-engine marketing ads more local and mobile-friendly. The latest local search ads offer a branded, customized look for business on both Google search and Google Maps.

If local customers are more benefiting for your business this three tip will help you tp get the power of Google’s new local search ads, upgrade the performance of your search engine marketing campaign, and get more people to your business.

1. Eyes on the Goal:
Be sure to your goal of an advertisement than your ads directly support that goal. For example, if your business is recently started any new or additional service and your goal is to spread that to people around you than creating your local search ads using that content, to that demographic.

2. Use locally related Tags:
Customers might not be looking for something in your city but in another city. It’s good to add tags like neighborhood, suburb, district or street names in your quick proximity.

3. Turn on location plugins:
Turn on location plugins in your search ads, it can be easily visible to customers with your address, phone number, hours of operation and ratings for your business. This encourages Google searchers in your area to visit your business.

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