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How to get success for small business’s having multiple locations?

If your business is having more than one location and want to get success in your local business and search rankings, here are some points to remember.

Smartphones are the trends now if you have a mobile phone you can search for anything, at any time, at any place. And your customers do the same thing, that is the reason why everything is turned into mobile friendly whether it is a search engine or a website.

One more is added that Google now focuses more on delivering the search results as per the location. So now the point is you did every possible thing to get local search ranking for your location by adding that location in the local business listing directories but what if you have multiple locations?

Being a small business owner location add an advantage in your business, so if you serve multiple locations then “create the different geo-optimized landing page for every location of your website”. You can also add the location in your website’s HTML title tags.

So what about claiming your business? On Google My Business you can add 10 locations of your business in the profile and if you are a service provider then you have the options to set up service area with zip code which you serve.

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