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How to Manage Your Multiple Business Locations from One Dashboard

If your small business is having multiple locations, you can manage your entire online presence from a single dashboard that is from Google My Business.

Million of people having Google My Business profile that help them to boost their search engine rankings and also help to get I front of local people. But do you know what is the best part of it? If no – now you can manage your entire online presence from it.

But what about small business owners having multiple locations? Not to worry guys here is the solution for you, you don’t need to make the all 9 profiles for different locations instead of that now you can manage up to 10 locations or branch of single business from the profile of Google My Business.

So if your business having more than one location or maximum up to 10 location then there is a need of using the location dashboard and with that, you will be managing your local search listing, Google+ profiles, reviews and Google map profile for every business location from one place.

This solution not only help to save your time but it will also ensure that your business information will be on appearing constantly on every Google platform.

And this is a kind off bonus for your company and search rankings. Also YoureStatus is a business listing website, list your business here for free.

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