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Reasons why you are not getting Enough Web Traffic and how to Fix it!

Whether you have created a business website, pages, and social accounts or hired a professional firm for it but still not getting enough web traffic?
Follow these steps to boost your web traffic.

SEO “The first thing you should check”

1. If your keywords are overly competitive and not matching with your services and product, hence it will not attract more users.
2. Google and Bing searches are locally focused, so add your city to your web pages.
3. Website having new and fresh content rank well as compared to the website having an old blog post.

Website Loading time is more

Customer will leave your website before it opens because of its loading time, they don’t have time to wait for your slow websites.

1. Test your website with these tools to check its loading time – PageSpeed Insights or Google’s site tester. These tools will check the timing and give a report how to fix it.
2. Google will not rank your website if your website doesn’t do well on smartphones or tablets.
3. Less ranking means less website search on search engines.

No invitation To Visit your website

You may have the best website in the world but you will not get the web traffic unless you promote it . Paid ads are the best way to promote it.

1. Claim your business on business listing websites and directories
2. Make business accounts of your website on every social media platform or the best suitable platform for you.
3. Find out the ways to generate links to the website from other websites, guest posting is one of them.

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