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Select Best Suitable Social Media Platform for Your Business

As I have already mentioned soo many times that not every platform is for your business, here I have come up with the details how to select best suitable social media platform for your business and for customers too.

1. facebook
Facebook is the most popular and used by million of people across the world. For the business purpose you can do announcements, invite customers for reviews, share updates of your business publicly, you can promote events, information providing, blogs and etc.

2. Linkedin
It is world largest professional network. Around 25% of adult use it who are highly educated and business owners mostly. Here you can give a brief information about your business as it allows 2000 character limit, also you can join groups of similar interest, you can post news, update, jobs, attach blogs and private messages to your clients for better business relationships. If you focusing more on senior or business owner people then this the best platform for you.

3. Twitter
It is a send and read a content type of platform with small content which we call tweets. It provides you 140 character limits and you can give live updates, news, a short content of your business, you can share links, photo, video, GIF’s images and polls. As the character limit is less make sure your post is relevant to your business.

4. Instagram
a photo sharing and video sharing platform, here audience are younger mostly and with high engaging numbers. As it especially for photo and video, so you can add your business photo and videos and add a call to action button in your profile to get your customers in contact.

5. Pinterest
This one is again an image sharing and uploading platform, here you can create boards of your business interest and add images in it by pins. You like to share and upload images and create boards of any things and any topic you wish to, around 30% of adults are on Pinterest so if you are focusing more adults then this can be a good platform to use.

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