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Make Your Local Business More Visible With These Tactics

Google makes it easier always for customers to connect your company’s digital presence with help of location.

70% of local business searches through the mobile end with customer walking into your store and 25% of them result in a purchase. It is important for your business to be visible on the top of the local searches. Know how to get your company in front of smartphone user which can turn into a sale.

Google always want to help smartphone users to find the right product in the right place at the right cost and time. But Google’s mobile phone also help to get your company search ranking on the top of their smartphone searches.

Tactics for mobile marketing you should know:

1. Add and verify your business information on Google my Business
Google is having its own local business listing website and it takes the date from it like the companies listed on Google My Business. So post your company name, address, phone number, website and hours on it. One more thing, if you will add the photos and company reviews it will stand out from the crowd.

2. Marketing the Customers at their free time
Now this is the time when people use their smartphone for directions, surfing and googling about anything or just killing the time online. Allow your mobile marketing team to be present at that time, the more your spend time on your customer’s behavior of searching and sending the message as per their location preferences the more sales you will get.

3. Highlight your location
This is something very important for those who are focusing customers on specific location. And plus point in this is people nowadays use the “Near me” search to find anything because it uses the smartphone geographic location and give result accordingly.
So what you are waiting for? Go and list your business on as many business listing websites as you can because the more you list, more your information will be visible on the internet and the more your business will be visible in local and “near me” searches.

List your business today at YoureStatus.com for free and make your local business on top.

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