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Mistakes you should avoid which Big Business owners have done

Here I have listed some of the points which you can consider if you are a small business owner or any business owner as I have taken these lessons from the mistakes of big business owners.

1. Never create barriers between you and clients and if you think there are no barriers then please look at once because there are chances you might have one. And always provide a number for your local address of the company, there should be a direct contact number for your company, not a toll-free number for all the time. No matter how much quality number of employees you have there will be less profit with respect to their quality if clients can’t reach you when they need.

2. Performance goals are important while planning for business success but customers don’t buy items when you want to sell them. So don’t let you short term cost expense affect your long-term relationship with customers.
Because I have seen that one of my friend gets fired because he was last to go there and first to come out. If there will be a direct contact number or any social media account then he won’t be get fired as the reason of fire is not his performance but the companies financial crisis.

3. Seniority doesn’t Trump, which means in this century if the CEO of your company make a social account of your company and provide all the communication ways to connect with people and clients then you will be getting the idea when clients want your product and people who are applying for job in company get idea when to join it and when not.

4. The way you run your whole organization is the way of success only with including your people, money management, policies, system, and technology. Because the big business owners also think that they don’t have any barriers and now there business is no more.

So be care full and apply these things before you go invisible.

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