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Small Business Owners Secure Your Website From Being Hacked

So being a small business owner, you might have thought that your website is not going to hack but this is not true.

Many hackers use automated tool for hacking that does not discriminate between small and large businesses, so you can be hacked easily by this way, here we have listed some easy ways for you to not being hacked by them.

1. Updating Softwares
It is obvious but keeping your software up to date is vital in make your site secure. Now this applies to both that is software you are running on website and server operating system such as forums and CMS. And when you register your business at online business directory, keep updating the information present there.

2. Using HTTPS
HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), is a very secure communications protocol which is used for transferring sensitive information between the web server and a website. So, moving your website to the HTTPS protocol essentially means adding an encryption layer of TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to your HTTP making your users’ and your own data extra secure from hacking attempts.

3. Passwords
Your password should be strong but not a complex one. Like the password “h573gfi9” is likely less secure with the password “thesoftwaredevelopmentcompany”. Your passwords should be long and simple but not complex and also avoid sharing such information via emails, as it is a very insecure form of sending such information.

So be careful and updated all with such information and once you are ready to go live on your website don’t forget to list your business at YoureStatus.com for free.

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